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WLM Belachew, the former elementary school teacher and principal, also has the less known aspect of his life as the first Ethiopian Domestic animal trainer. He trained the first tricking dog and in fact the dog was happy and creative. He proceeded on it and he performed his unique talent and gained high admiration appreciation from the army. After he did some bucks of money with his tricky dog he opened Music shop and hotel. Unfortunately 3 parallel natural disasters destroyed all his business and he started to live the life of addiction and hopelessness. He was even at the verge of suicide after he is aware he is HIV positive. But he was daily reading Bible and Psychology Books which saved his life and gave him courage to teach people about HIV/AIDS. He finally become aware the odd fact that he is free if HIV virus.  

The end of everything is the beginning of something!

“After walking through all the deeps, energized with the Bible & psychology Books things turns for better choice in my life! My first Choices were at least to die with less stress. What I Read on the psychology books is much related to my cultural beliefs, such as “Resien berasie kalankolepapesku mane yankolepapsegnal?" (Literary mean-who could reassure me rather than myself) which is a tool of winning psychology. I tried my best to laugh in front of my mirror even though the worst of situations. Tired with the heavy burden of hopelessness & addiction, I realized my possibilities.  I need a grand decision to summon my divided heart and choose the force that sets me free only by FAITH– I gave my life to Jesus to set me free of every addiction & bondage of stress.  The Joy of salvation brings real laughter to my life. Eventually I get myself Negative of HIV AIDS while being the father of 4 Boys and one girl from 3 different wives and two of them died by HIV/AIDS. Now I have 7 children and strongly believe the source of everlasting Joy is GOD.”

The WLM Belachew Girma

He is a person who Removed the world "IMPOSSIBLE” from his vocabulary and creates conditions for possibility thinking. He has more than 7 personal records along with his non stop laughing.

NOT short walk to long laughing!!


• Indigenous Laughter
Emama Ethiopia; Known as the cradle of mankind, indeed; is also birthplace of human laughter too!!! It is known to be the pioneer of ancient civilization with its own calendar and alphabets. known to be the pioneer of ancient civilization; Christian belief live 1st counter welcome the Muslim believe hospitality as ancient culture more than 85 ethnic groups lived with diversity and harmony with respectful or flowing shiny smiling!!

• Gender Vs Laughter
The more you all communicate through laughter, the more happiness and connection develops.
Whatsoever, as conditions that fosters the advancement of the community varies in places, some social and environmental situations may dwarf the socio economic development of part of a society. As part of least civilized world, our illumination on the matrix of gender issues remains stereotyped. Despite some positive trends still women’s contribution to the society is not acknowledged as it deserves.
• Age Vs Laughter
Age is not a matter when it comes to laughter. We have witnessed so many experiences 

Our job is to contribute on the improvement of the life of our society. If you focus on the problem you can’t see the solution, never focus on the problem! See the half full not the half empty.

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