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National Laughter day

The world Laughter Master Belachew Girma is not only the man of Laughter, he is also committed to share his experiences and success stories to his community. Immediately after he showed the world it is possible to laugh regardless of the situations, he convinced the idea of urging messages of Luther with different techniques. Among these techniques the laugher day and laughter tour events are of significant importance to saw the seed of indigenous laugher as ameans of Joyful and meaningful life.

Laugher for All Ethiopia (LFAE) not only teaches laugher as a professional training, but also hosts the Annual Ethiopian National Laugher day and laughter tours. Yet we successfully celebrated 11 series National laugher days and the 12th edition is on the way to be celebrated. Numerous International and local media covered the event and unfolded their testimonies to the world. As a result of this Ethiopia become the first and the only country to have such a unique day. The WLM Belachew Girma was laughing for dozens of years with International guests, Ambassadors, senior governmental officials, Students and children on all of this laugher days and will continue to laugh.

Ethiopian Laughter Day was created in 2002 by the world laughter master Belachew Girma record holder of Guinness book, laughing 3hr and 6 min continuously, and founder of the first laughter school in Africa and the cofounder of world laughter pledge. The celebration of Ethiopian national laughter Day is a positive manifestation for national peace and is intended to build up a global boundless connection of brotherhood and friendship through laughter.

The first Ethiopian national laughter Day gathering took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 2002. More than one thousand people s joined together in a meskel square laughter session.

Since that we have been celebrating the event in different region of Ethiopia annually. It is celebrated every year on October 31.

Though the country is poorest country in the world, Smile is a unique quality of Ethiopian people. It’s quite common to observe people smiling all over Ethiopia. It amazes people from the other part of the world; how people managed to laugh regardless of the hardship they undergo? Their laughter is infectious & contagious.

Why Ethiopian National Laughter Day?

One of WLM Belachew’s objectives for laughing together is build up social harmony, team sprit bondage, promote national peace and connection. Laughing together bring happiness, warmth, unconditional love, bonding, tolerance, forgiveness, generosity, and compassion.


• Indigenous Laughter
Emama Ethiopia; Known as the cradle of mankind, indeed; is also birthplace of human laughter too!!! It is known to be the pioneer of ancient civilization with its own calendar and alphabets. known to be the pioneer of ancient civilization; Christian belief live 1st counter welcome the Muslim believe hospitality as ancient culture more than 85 ethnic groups lived with diversity and harmony with respectful or flowing shiny smiling!!

• Gender Vs Laughter
The more you all communicate through laughter, the more happiness and connection develops.
Whatsoever, as conditions that fosters the advancement of the community varies in places, some social and environmental situations may dwarf the socio economic development of part of a society. As part of least civilized world, our illumination on the matrix of gender issues remains stereotyped. Despite some positive trends still women’s contribution to the society is not acknowledged as it deserves.
• Age Vs Laughter
Age is not a matter when it comes to laughter. We have witnessed so many experiences 

Our job is to contribute on the improvement of the life of our society. If you focus on the problem you can’t see the solution, never focus on the problem! See the half full not the half empty.

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